My name is Ikmal Ezzani

And this is my introduction page. In daily lives maybe a simple 'Hello' would suffice. But on the internet. You may need one. I'm guessing there would be other Ikmal's out there, so I need to step out from the others.
In a weird way of saying, I don't want to be normal.
As far as I can tell I'm endeavoring to get myself notice. To be unique and different. To be the green apple amongst the red's. And hoping along the way, I'll learn something new.

Moving on to my profile.
What basically you need to know is I am from and lived in Selangor, Malaysia and was born on April '87. Do I need to be specific on my daily life? I guess not, huh. Consider myself a geek for having stuck on my keyboard all day long without hesitation that it will bores me. Because it couldn't. Everyone may differs opinion from another. It's a mentality matter.

By the way, there's more of me on blogger platform. You can check them out below.
I don't do this (online) full-time. It's not what feed me on daily basis. It's just fun doing something you quite good at - trying not to flatter myself much.
For everybody who reach this page from site stated above. Feel free to insult/comments/mock/greet in any languages using comments box below and I will gladly replies them with any method I prefer. Lastly, I thank you for supporting me.

Have a nice day and good luck in every aspect matters.